2021 September 22 Wednesday- SENT FOR A MISSION

Twenty Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel: Lk 9: 1-6

Jesus summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick. He said to them, “Take nothing for the journey, neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there and leave from there. And as for those who do not welcome you, when you leave that town, shake the dust from your feet in testimony against them.” Then they set out and went from village to village proclaiming the good news and curing diseases everywhere.

SENT FOR A MISSION: In His mission, Jesus needed support from others. That is why he summons the twelve and sends them out to mission. In preparation, He warns them, “Take nothing on the journey.” He then elaborates: no stick, no money, no second tunic and no food; trust in Divine Providence. Only then can they make use of Divine power and authority over demons. Only then shall they cure diseases. Each of us is called by God for a specific mission. Do we trust in God? What do we carry with us as baggage which tires us and stops us from missioning? As recipients of the clergy, the religious, and other missionaries, we have a duty to assist and provide for them. Only then shall we receive God’s blessings.

PRAYER: Lord grant us grace to trust that God is with us in our mission.


BASIC ATTITUDE OF A MISSIONARY: Every Christian is by virtue of baptism a missionary who is sent by Jesus Christ to be his witness. The twelve apostles had to abandon literally all for Christ who called them. A radical requirement is necessary for each missionary and a total detachment from one self. St. Francis of Assisi stripped himself in public as sign of total abandonment for Christ. He said that let us go and preach the gospel, if necessary, use words. Mission is not an abstract idea but is identical with concrete personal living. The essence of mission is in acknowledging the work of God in the life and history of people, accompanied by sincere admiration, joy and hope whenever we find others goodness and dedication in others.