13th Week in the Ordinary Time

1st Reading: Am 3:1-8; 4:11-12

Hear this word, O children of Israel, that the LORD pronounces over you, over the whole family that I brought up from the land of Egypt: You alone have I favored, more than all the families of the earth; Therefore, I will punish you for all your crimes. Do two walks together unless they have agreed? Does a lion roar in the forest when it has no prey? Does a young lion cry out from its den unless it has seized something? Is a bird brought to earth by a snare when there is no lure for it? Does a snare spring up from the ground without catching anything? If the trumpet sounds in a city, will the people not be frightened? If evil befalls a city, has not the LORD caused it? Indeed, the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets. The lion roars who will not be afraid! The Lord GOD speaks who will not prophesy! I brought upon you such upheaval as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah: you were like a brand plucked from the fire; Yet you returned not to me, says the LORD. So now I will deal with you in my own way, O Israel! and since I will deal thus with you, prepare to meet your God, O Israel.  

Gospel: Mt 8:23-27

As Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed him. Suddenly a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by waves; but he was asleep. They came and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us!  We are perishing!” He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was great calm. The men were amazed and said, “What sort of man is this, whom even the winds and the sea obey?”

JESUS LEADS HIS DISCIPLES TO A STORM: The first sentence of the gospel text of today is very intriguing. Jesus gets into the boat and the disciples follow him into it. What follows is a storm. And he is asleep. Obviously, the disciples panic because everything seems a contradiction. How can there be a storm, when we follow him? How could he lead us into a storm? And how could he be just sleeping when we are struggling with the storm? Yet, he is there. That is faith. Jesus rebuked the wind. He rebukes his disciples. He rebukes us too for our lack of faith. If only we just trust him when we suffer; for, when we suffer, he is suffering too!

Prayer. I am just amazed the way you work in my life. Help me surrender to your presence, even if that seems not visible.