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Word of God is and should be part and parcel of Christian life. This page provides, Biblical reflections that appeared on various years in the English Bible Diary (East African Edition). We give you a choice for reflection and sharing. Even if one reflection does not touch your life or does not suit you for the day, you have other reflections that can go into your heart.

It is a CMF (Claretian Missionary) initiative. The Congregation of the Claretian Missionaries (Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is an international missionary religious congregation founded by St. Antony Mary Claret in the year 1849, in Spain. We are called to be the Servants of the Word of God. There are over 3,000 members in the congregation including priests, brothers, and permanent deacons. Today we are working in 65 countries in five continents of the world. We are present in 13 countries in Africa including the three East African countries- Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. East Africa is under the patronage of St. Charles Lwanga.

Claretians came to Kenya in the year 1991, Tanzania in 1994 and Uganda in 1995. We work in many Dioceses in East Africa such as Arch-dioceses of Mombasa and Nairobi, the Diocese of Ngong and the Vicariate of Isiolo in Kenya, Arch-Dioceses of Dar es Salaam and Mwanza and the dioceses of Morogoro, Moshi, Musoma and Njombe in Tanzania and the Arch-dioceses of Mbarara and Kampala and the diocese of Jinja and Kasaana Luweero in Uganda. We are involved in various ministries such as, pastoral works, youth ministry, healing ministry, education, publication ministry, etc. Our East African formation houses are in Moshi (Aspirancy), Jinja (Philosophy), Ngong (Novitiate) and Morogoro (Theology).


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English – Bible Diary


Swahili Diary- Tafakari Nasi


For more information on Claretians visit our Website- https://cmfeastafrica.org


Our Address

Claretian Missionaries, Silanga Road 46, P.O. Box: 15672 – 00509, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Congratulations to the East African Claretians, especially to Fr George Vayali, for the regular updates on the life and mission, through this blog. Always good to know about the committed work of brother Claretians. Prayerful wishes!

    ~ Paulson

  2. It has been good getting to know that there has been that fast progress in the way the news have been arranged. i would like to appriciate all the all the effort put in this work. BRAVO, Merci beaucoup!Apwoyo!

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